Crossmods = marketplace management platform + technical & commercial support

From the registration process to the technical compliance and compatibility of your product pages on marketplaces, Crossmods’ dedicated teams will manage your activity so that you don’t have to worry.

Our offers and technology will help you grow your online business and increase your sales on these dedicated channels.


Sell your products on marketplaces of your choice

No matter which business sector you work in, marketplaces can be an important channel for your online business development:

  • reach new customers
  • increase visibility
  • increase sales
  • develop brand awareness

Crossmods’ teams will bring you their knowledge and advise on the channels most suited to your activity and objectives.

Find out about our process

Our operational team will work throughout the following process:

  • Auditing your catalog from a technical standpoint
  • Identifying the most suited marketplaces for your product catalog
  • Managing mappings for each marketplace
  • Generating a compliant, universal catalogue
  • Synchronising the products, stocks and prices between your CRM and the different channels
  • Sync your orders with your CRM, so that you can treat them directly like a normal order

You will then have the chance to focus on your main task: selling online.


Leave us the technical integration

All marketplaces’ requirement specifications change over time. Our production team’s job is to discharge you from any technical constraint by taking full ownership of the synchronisation between your CRM (Prestashop, Magento or any other system) and the different marketplaces of your choice:

  • Feed compliance (mandatory attributes, photos, product titles, translation, etc.)
  • Increased rate of product publication
  • Increased sales

Our support team is at your disposal to take any demands into account when needed and apply the changes in our platform: changing a specific price, modify stocks, add new products to a specific marketplace, and so on. We can boost your sales by focusing on promotional opportunities (Black Friday, Holiday season …)

We assist you in every step of the integration.

Our clients

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